For All the Zardari Haters Out There - This is not the End!!!


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)

sorry pal but not funny at all. This is a commercial from the cheese company. The rat get trapped, tries hard to pull himself out of the trap and runs for the cheese again because the cheese is soooooooooooooooo good

killing of rats this way is so cruel. Never saw a rat in this jan-kani before. Islam allows for sudden killing not with azee-at. Now I will never kill a rat like this again


MPA (400+ posts)
wht this has to do with Zardari? u mean he is a rat well ya ,,,, he is ,,,, for sure thats why hiding in his palace.
This is not end well there will be one day Insha Allah when this rat (zardari ) will be trap with no way out just wait and watch.
Baqarey ki maan kaab taak khair manaey gi.


Minister (2k+ posts)
I was excited to find one Zardari fan now a days. But zardarifan has not much to offer.
Even ministers are having hard time defending Zardari.


President (40k+ posts)
It means Zardari is a Rat (Jerry) and he should eat Nolan's Cheese.......which would make it so strong that he would save himself from the Trap of Judiciary or the PPP and their followers consider the entire situation as Tom and Jerry Show which Jerry is so clever that it always deceives the poor Tom (......). This clearly indicate that the PPP and it allies are not serious about the situation of Pakistan and consider Pakistani Govt. as Cartoon Show. Shame on all of them.



Senator (1k+ posts)
It may means that we think zardari is been traped but actually he is a born survivor, neverthless, it was funny.
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