Flag lowering ceremony turns into festival at Wahga Border on Defense Day - Sheikh Rasheed also atte


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Our jawans are far bigger and stronger the their little men! Just compare the two groups to see the difference between Pakistanis and Bharatis:) As the Quaid said we are a different people in every sense.


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shaikh sahab ko bhutto ban-ney ka shoq lag gya hey. uth oye sheikha.....

Mr.Le :angry_smile: es wakat Parliament ma sirf Shaikh Sab hi han jo India k khilaf sede Alfaz ma bol rahy han . agar respect nahi kar sakte to Mazak bi mat urrao :)


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Yes, you surrendered your half of the country to these small men

They knew they would fail but they went...Courageous act.. Indian army didn't fight them but they cut off their supplies and when the supplies was vanished they were encircled.


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India has always violated the International Boundaries in 1965 attacked W.Pakistan and got humiliated defeat.
They took the revenge in East Pakistan very cleverly by interfering the election and then Indian Army went there
without any mandate of United Nation. It was failure of our Politicians who rejected the appeal of Mr Ayub Khans for round table talk to solve the East Pakistan issue?
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