Fawad Chaudhry joins Ary News as an analyst


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:lol:اینکر مبشر لقمان اینسلٹ فواد چوہدری اور مہمان پرویز مشرف ہونا چاہیے


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:lol:اینکر مبشر لقماناینسلٹ فواد چوہدری اور مہمان پرویز مشرف ہونا چاہیے

یہ کی نہ تم نے سولہ آنے کی بات
.....میں بھی یہ ہے سوچ رہا تھا اور تم نے مرے دل کی بات لکھ دی


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To be honest. There are very few people in media who know in an out politics. Fawad Chaudry is a good example because not only he is part of politics but also he has contacts and communication with various parties. Regardless of what party he is from. I think he talks lots of sense MOST OF THE TIME and his statements are very logical.


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Another reason why I like ARY is because they dont try to be a hypocrite like GEO and have these public supporting messages for army and defame them twice as much in their news and current affairs program like Capital Talk. Ary knows and people know they have taken a stance and which is 90% Qadri/IK and anti government. And also i dont think unlike fake journos like Ansar Absar Hamid Javed Chaudry, Luqman doesnt hide behind the curtain of unbiasedness. Every one of their mother fathers know that Luqman is a ***** hater, and thats why he gets all the rating because most viewers are ***** haters
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