Fake accounts case, Asif Zardari excuses from appearing in NAB for hearing today following busy schedule.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Zardari is too busy to come to court and Nawaz Sharif can choose which jail to go to. Both NAB and courts should close down, and military courts should cover all cases.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
When you have such a controversial and weak head of NAB such instances will become routine. Why is it that from the retired judges only the indecisive are chosen as heads of ECP and NAB? Both these deptts are in need of a good administrative head and there is no reason why only a retired judge be appointed . Ganjas and Zaleeldari have corrupted the system completely. If matters follow this pattern and since we are being choked by IMF at the behest of our former allies the day is not far when we will have no option left but to set up Summary Military courts all over the country.