Faisla Aapka 31st July 2011 - Hassan Nisar


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did you look at the face of nawaaz chuti____a in the first 15 seconds,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lier,,, looter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bay gharaat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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Did you notice when ever PTI rep. talked people were happy,, this is the indication of real popularity,,,,,,, did ISI tell them to come to the program ? IK rocks,,,,,,,,,,,, Umer Cheema rocks


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Zaeeem qadri does not know the name of his father,,,,,, will you believe it? i can tell you


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Very Poorly conducted Program. Just looked like Sabzi Mandi.

aj ki Pakistan ki real situation or awam ki asli halat dekhanay k liye ye programme i think traditional halls ki bajaay beech awam k ander rakha jata hai,,, ye is programme ka husn or Pakistan ki history hai ,,,,, biphri hui quom hai, us lehaz se i think not bad but very well conducted.

M javed

It is quite strange - Pakistan is the only country in the world where opposition is also held answerable.

You may call it ignorance or a produce of yellow journalism.

This anchor person has a long history of doing shows only directed against Nawaz Sharif party.

During the entire show, she did not utter a single word against the ruling party.

This is the extreme of bribery and question is how can we save the country in these circumstances.

The ruling party - PPP is committing an insult to the Supreme Court by undermining their judgments, they are not sharing anything with their coalition partners and involved in looting the country at their full strength - even then a province is held responsible and not the Centre and no comparison with other three provinces.

It un-understandable that a particular province is held responsible for the over all consequences of what the Federal Government is doing.

Deficit financing (generation of disproportionate amount of currency notes) and lowest levels of productivity due to multiple factors particularly shortage of electricity and gas are stigma's of the PP government - then why government of a particular province should be held responsible.

This anchor is extremely corrupt and is unwittingly following the line of PPP and the government agencies.

Before she was doing this to protect the Q-league and now she is doing this to kill PML(N) and to promote Imran Khan.

Those who say Imran Khan is not being provided a breeding under the Pakistan army are mere insensible thinkers. We have to see how far we will go in our established bad habits.

It seems advisable that PML(N) representatives must not partake in shows presented by Asma Sherizi

God save Pakistan
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If a free and fair elections will be held in Pakistan then I think 70 to 80 percent pure votes will go to PTI, because Awam knows now who is who.
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