Fai Arrest - Will it change the Kashmir debate?


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Ghulam Nabi Fai arrest may be advantage US, but India does not gain anything out of it.
Panelist: KC Singh, Dr. Radha Kumar, Mosharraf Zaidi, Prof Chenoy, Ashok Malik, Basharat Peer

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ghulam fai trusted americans,this shows he is not well read in quran...he all his life believed that through 'peaceful" means he can win kashmir freedom and convince american kufar,but he did not trust what allah has said in quran,that as long as you are muslim the kufr wont give you justice...kufar will keep freeing christian states like south sudan east timor etc etc.but kashmir they will never free as its muslim majority.to free kashmir we would have to follow prophets sunnah and do jihad..
ppl like fai are idiots and their time is up and its inshalah now time for allahs lions


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The truth is that there are no takers in Pakistani public for Kashmir cause. It is only the GoP or Army or JuD/Ghulam Nabi Fai interested in it. Now the real issue is between Kashmiri Muslims and India.