Facts About CAMEL Milk


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Facts About Camel Milk
Here are some interesting medical facts about camel milk:

Camel milk can be easily digested by lactose-intolerant individuals.

The lactoferrin in camel's milk has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also has anti-tumor properties (Ueda et al., 1957).

Camel milk has an apparent positive effect on breast cancer (Eiseler et al., 1998).

Camel milk has three times the amount of vitamin C than cow's milk.

Camel milk has been used for centuries to treat liver disease, and studies have been performed for hepatitis and liver cancer with promising results.

Camel milk is rich in B vitamins and iron.

The immunoglobulins in camel milk have been shown to protect against types of cancer (Fage et al., 2005).

Camel milk has been used to aid in the treatment of the following illnesses:

Autism (Shabo and Yagil et al., 2005)

Milk allergies (Shabo et al., 2005)

Tuberculosis (Agarwal et al., 2005)

Crohn's Disease (Shabo et al., 2005, 2006; Donechenko, 1975)

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why zardari drinks this milk? anyone knows what is his problem? he has camels in presidency islamabad


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In my recent trip to Madinah, I had the chance to drink camel's milk.

Some friends of mine took me outside the city to some bedouins having a lot of camel's. Fresh camel's milk was taken out and given to us to drink.

When they handed me a big bowl (like a liter), I thought how will I be able to drink all of this, but then when I started drinking, I couldn't stop and drank 2 bowl's. :P