explanation about metro project in kpk by imran khan


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Excellent approach. All these Metro buses could have been accommodated by an additional lane besides the main road but then sari Ittefaq Steel kdhr jati?


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Yes this is the way to go .Now a days your planning has to be sustainable cost effective ,and affordable .The planing has to be done at least for the next 100 years.


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In most countries its like this. Dedicated lane for bus which can also be used by normal vehicle in case of need. No barriers no janglas.


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hahahah,, vocabulary diff krnay say project diff nai ho jata. ;)

Perhaps its hard for you to understand but Separate Track and separate lane are two different things.:) Name bhi different aur concept bhi.:)

Samaj na aae toh Google per difference dek lena.:)


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puri dunya main bus LANE hoti hai is ka yah matlab nahi k us per aur public transport nahi ah saktee


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Pta nahi patwari kyun nahi samajhte, k KP mass transit ka karcha ziada hay, ye jhoot nahi to aur kia hay, in ke sar andar se khali hay,
Pindi metro bus service
23 KM = 50 arab rupees
Peshawar mass transit
26 KM = 14 Arab rupees.
ab agar is ke baad bhi ap logo ko smjh nahi hay tu :banghead:
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