Exclusive interview of Dr Shahid Masood by Saddique Jan

I Mian

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Siddique Jan , A New Romance of All Boot Lickers
May Allah destroy the chronic liars and chronically dishonest people ...whoever they are {Politicians, Generals, Judges,Journalists, Bureaucrats ....etc} who looted and destroy this country either by direct corruption or by abuse of power , and those who are the beneficiary of this corrupt system, who knows that the destruction of this corrupt status quo will be against their interests

Wake up Pak

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Well said brother.
Expose the looters of Pakistan like noon league ppp and prrstitute of media
Keep the haters burning.
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Why kiya
Chorri Kiya
As per gene Paindooooo hai
Har Paindooooo chorri karta hai
Har Paindooooo choot Jata hai like Gen Rizwan, Zanani , Raheel etc
Woh PPP ka ho PML n Ka ho PTI ka ho
Chorrr Na ho Larki Na Bechey tu phir Paindooooo Nahi
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Yeah Banda Karachi ka Paindooooo hai I know him very well
His father Marhoom Masood was real Mazloom at hands of her mother.
He is totally dominated by his mother so Jo phool khila woh Maa ka Saya hai
In Karachi Operation she used to threat and black mail poor Karachites on behest of Wardi.


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Height of Arrogance...... when he said I wounder no one ...no one in power too notice of his arrest.... what a self asserted position out of nothing....


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If you want more details about his family just ask I will give?
Don’t make any one unnecessary hero
Yes his fight against Zardari and Nawaz Corrupt is right but he himself should be non corrupt first.