Ejaz Chaudhry announces next dharna on 25th June in Multan


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Ejaz Chaudhry announces next dharna on 25th June in Multan

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Good...Its about time to take the campaign to higher level InshaAllah...Lets show the power of truth to Mr.Gaylani in his own town.And InshaAllah then its Lahore where the Janbaz and Iqbal ke Shaheen youth will show the power of Junoon to the fake sher of Raiwand InshaAllah.

This is the defining moment in the history of Pakistan...Either get united and fight for ur rights or live like Slaves forever.


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Re: Multan Dharna

Every PTI dharan has severe price to pay in term of OBL or PNS Mahran. May Allah safe Pakistan this time.


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They should do one in Islamabad too. Bring the life to complete standstill.

I hope they do the dharna in Multan and surround the residence of the PM, with absolutely no traffic flowing


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Whilst people are dieing in FATA we're wasting time by first doing a dharna in Multan then Lahore followed by Islamabad!! Instead we should head for the capital now and remain there until Zardari leaves his post.