Education System Of Pakistan Ft. Umair Qureshi


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More of new pedagogic theories philosophies and mish--mash which originates from "modern" self help type mantras.. Good for him.. Such 'new methods' haven't delivered measurable results for better academics where they are implemented in the last 4-5 decades.

Anyway, he himself is neither a cognition expert, nor a pedagogic experts not qualified to set curriculum in any manner- However by referring to "Thinking School Movement" he is referring to particular philosophers and an educational/cognition theory. Being a teacher for 20 years or even 60 years doesn't qualifies him for anything, so he may better explain the underlying philosophy and methods with reasoning with recent research in these fields. Marketing of some idea/method with popular, appealing and half-cooked criticism is not Critical Thinking.

He may better set up 4-5 experimental schools with mew methodologies in different demographics and then measure the data for philosophical/thinking/cognitive /academic faculties of his students for a considerable time and only then hw may argue for resetting curricula and altering educational technique. He must exhibit how many and how much "better philosophers and thinkers and innovators" he has produced in our environment. He should follow scientific method and critical thinking than boast of his teaching experience or claims based on theories. Good luck for him for such an experiment.
My criticism is a bit hard because he has made couple of claims in this talk regarding innovation process and mathematic/logic teaching which as we know today are not quite right but only sound too popular and catchy.