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Free Comedy Show
We have launched our Urdu / Hindi Comedy Show " Dus Gaz Ki Zaban" on You Tube.

Please Go to following link to find the article " Bakra Dostee", Chacha Chirand Ki Khabrien , Baba Bharas , Yae Shadi kae Chochlay etc etc.


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Have Fun !
Be happy in life.
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Humayon Qureshi



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Bahi Bahut achay.... Very rarely we get to see this type of comedy.
I just realised that there more videos of this on youtube as well as on siasat.pk
i can not wait to see them all. Mush better time pass than dirty politics.


Oh! What a writer you are!
Really its a very neat clean and hilarious comedy I never heard.
By the way where are you from?
I saw all episodes several times each episode and amazinly enjoyed every time same.
lease keep sending your episode on Siasat.com


True story of " Dhoor Kae Dhol Suhanae".
Great comedy with amazing lesson.
I should say it is a family fun channel.


Chacha toe Hamarae Pedieshee ziddee Thae, Paedaa thuk apni marzee sae hooae...Hahahaha
Wah Qureshi Sahab Maza Agayaa.


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This is probably one of the best comedy channel around these days that provide real family entertainment and amusement, all clips very funny and show the true picture of our community/society. You can find all episods on youtube with title