Dunya Today - 2nd Sep 2010 - Saleem Safi, Zia-ud-Din, Dr. Furrkh Saleem & Akraam Sehgal


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Saleem Safi, Zia-ud-Din, Dr. Furrkh Saleem & Akraam Sehgal join Dr Pirzada to discuss Suicide Attacks & Comprehensive Planning of Government



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Very valuable program, but who is going to think about poor Pakistan. They have their own priorities.Its useless to give a good advise to Dead Leaders.


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WORST Tragedy sialkot ON 5/8/10 OF2Brothers.Missing corrupt police officers, WARIS ASI,TARIQ K485C SIPAHI,R WANTED immediate to find them out where ever alive or dead contact on nos +92-51-9206065 +92-51-9206065 +92-51-9204692 +92-51-9204692 or immediately contact any news channel or paper. Arrested dpo chohan with5police men and 7criminals who beaten them2death will b hanged to death INSHALLAH.. supported culprits are 1122staff 9civilians who watched just enjoyed begharats atleast physical remand with 20yrs prison to them so no one ever make such crime again.ppp sialkoti minister Firdos ashiq awan fully supporting criminals with support of samaa tv news pro ppp channel thats why minister ashiq gangsters broked bones of reporter imran instead of giving gold medal journalist is warned by government to b killed OH MY GOD when this system will b changed? Its time to wake up and join together till the family get justice.Why is justice so slow in pakistan criminals run away and case files are burned after every one forget after few months.