Dunya @ 8 With Malick - 26th September 2013 - عمران کا نیا پاکستان


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ANP got voted outed though ANP fought bravely with TTP. they were present in all janaza'a.They were quick to reach hospitals. they never showed cowardice but they got voted out because ppk of pK especially Kp want peace and voted that party which is talking of peace for last 10 years.
PTI will not go against its mandate. we are unlike other parties that back track on their promises. we are for peace and peace will come through dialogue not war. Violence begets violence, lets give peace a chance, if failed we can go for operation. but if operation failed God forbid , we won't be able to start dialogue .PUT the horse before the cart , putting a cart before the horse is nonsense and must be avoided


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Well done Minister Showkat Orakzai ,Blast these Liberal fascists. Let them tell us where to bomb TTP Let them help Army to locate TTP. So where do they want the Army to start from? where is TTP base camp? which area should we bomb to kill all TTP? If we bomb N Waziristan will that kill all TTP? All in favour of an operation give suggestions so we can help our Army?


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I wonder what these anchors want from IK. PTI has been preaching dialogues with terrorists since 2007 and it's mandate is built on its philosophy for peace. Now PTI should leave disown its mandate to make some anchors happy?


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Federal govt apny dreams sy nikal ayengy to koi APC k agenda p kaam krengy na. Yahan p twin city develop hony ki bten ho rhi hain, dosra airport banany ki btaen ho rhi hain....APC ka agenda to inko last month (apny tenure ka) hi me yad ayega.

TV anchors ko topic mil gya, apna program chalany ka. PTI hi in ko milti hai kuch apni bakwas logo ko sunany ko.
Sary k sary anchors khud ko brhy aflatooon smjhty hain, tanqid k ilawa kya h inka pas. Agr ye anchor log itny hi brhy intellectuals hian to ye log q ni koi solution pesh krty is terrorism ka. Q ye log is mulk k shehri ni, ya inko sirf apni bakwas bechni hai hmry qaum p ............................


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aik tu media wale chutiya hein dekho kis ko betha diya kamran shafi, twitter pe har waqt PTI ke khilaf bhonkta rehta hai frustrated old man who has achieved nothing in his life


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Imran Khan is right but he failed to express himself properly according to politics. I hope he will made one clear policy with the help of Shah Mahmood and party Maghaz innocent face MNA ISL.


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Although I have no soft corner for IK and PTI or the idiots called Taliban and their argument .. but this idiot Kamran Shafi is a complete arsehole .. he has no manners at all and is laughing sarcastically throughout .. what a wanker