Dr. Muhammad Khalil Chishti thanked Governor Sindh for a lot of efforts for his release.


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Virologist Dr. Muhammad Khalil Chishti who returned recently after spending 20 years in jail in India, called on Sindh Governor, Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan at the Sindh Governor House

The Governor said that 82-year old Dr. Chishti's expertise and experience is of great significance.

He said that those who had remained Dr. Chishti's pupils are now serving at important positions in the discipline of virology.

Dr. Ebad was of the view that now it is our collective responsibility to benefit from the expertise of Dr. Chishti. He said that due to absence of Dr. Chishti this area could not make the headway that it should have.

However, the Governor, who is also the Chancellor of the University of Karachi, stated that after the return of Dr. Chishti the University will attain its rightful place in the realm of virology as well. He also requested Dr. Chishti to provide guidance in the discipline of virology.Dr. Chishti accepted the offer and said that he would try to come up to the expectations in this regard.

The Governor said that in the past few years there have been fatalities in the country owing to viral infection. He was of the view that there is urgent need for research in this field and that Dr. Chishti was the best person for performing this task.

Dr. Chishti also thanked the Governor Sindh for making a lot of efforts for his release.



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You forgot to quote that news from Ummat regarding the above video where Ummat wrote Governor Sindh kept Dr Chishti under duress until he gave him bhatta.