Dr. Farrukh Saleem Reveals Power Sector Inquiry Report


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We are missing very important point. In Pakistan we are producing Halal electricity and we know halal is more expensive.
We must be thankful to PPP, Musharraf and PMLN to make sure a production of Halal electricity.


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How long will Pakistan tolerate these terrorist IPPs? Time to take OVER these money laundering institutions by the government.

Arrest all seize their assets locally and internationally.

Live EXECUTIONS.. Daily. Only way the message will go across to these financial terrorist.
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I will give you a suggestion. Imran Khan, Alif Alvi , all 3 service cheifs should go infront of Federal shariat court and formally ask the for the penalty for "Mufisdina Fil Alz" for any and all organized corruption.... and then start with the bureaucrats. that puchishment is cutting of an arm and a leg and letting the culprit die.


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Khan should be ready for a opposition (media) trial and active khota khors oh this forum because he’s started a war against people who are responsible for Pakistan’s misery
Sir these IPPs are giving Khalis Bijli so they can charge extra. Not sure why PMIK is against the most honest businessmen who were approved by Nawaz Shareef, Sir Musharraf and bhutzari.