Dollar General behind blackmailing CJ Lahore?


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Dr Adam

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پاکستانی ملٹری کے ہر افسر کی شکل پر ایک ایسی خاص قسم کی لعنت برس رہی ہے جو دنیا کی کسی اور فوج کے افسر کی شکل پر ڈھونڈے سے بھی نہیں ملتی، حتیٰ کہ کسی افریقی فوجی افسر کی شکل پر بھی نہیں


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Haramkhor generals have gone mad.They don’t realise how much they have damaged the country’s economy,unity and integrity.The idiots should have backed off after 9th Maybut they have continue to cause havoc.They rigged the elections,they arrested and tortured thousands of innocent people.They keep threatening and blackmailing the judges.I think even they don’t understand the consequences of their misbehaviour.


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Generals in uniform and the ones sitting in Prime Minister office were not successful in blackmailing Qazi Faez Issa.