Disaster For Dubai real estate investors


Ever since Dubai's property bubble spectacularly burst in late 2008, the emirate has been struggling to revive its shattered image. But the one group of investors who bought at the peak of the real estate boom say they still have no idea where their hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone. And no-one seems willing to help .



I must say that I was tempted to invest some money there but thank fully I didn't end up doing it.


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Desert, Sarab, Non sense planning.

They r just obeying the Hadees of Prophet Muhammad pbuh

Even they do not know what they r doing....

Rana Tahir Mahmood

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After hunting the prey, generally LOINS take rest till next episode of hunger. Therefore the giant entrepreneurs are making some plan to hunt the common entrepreneurs' wealth. This state of business activity is called slump or recession.