Dirty Politics: Fake Degree Holder Sheikh Waqas Disqualified PTI's Ghulam Bibi Bharwana For Election Because She Is Woman


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I think he is referring to the fact that Politicians should not do politics on Islam, specially when they themselves doesn't follow Islamic Values in full spirit. He is right, but sadly his party has been using the same weapon against opponents, and I am sure he himself will most likely use it wherever it benefits him, but for the sake of politics he is giving such a statement right now...

Other than that I believe that the basic Islamic values, and the very foundation and agreed principles of Islam should not be changed in a country which is created in the name of Islam, and if someone does that then they should be ready for the criticism and consequences as well. You cannot equalize a bigger and intentional sin with violation of smaller Islamic values. i.e A person killing his opponent with a Sword can never be equal to another person only slapping the opponent..


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سپریم کورٹ کے قائم کردہ کمیشن کے مطابق غلام بی بی بھروانہ صاحبہ نے انٹر کیا ہوا ہے لیکن انہوں نے ابھی تک میٹرک نہیں کیا ، انکا کیس سپریم کورٹ میں پچھلے دس سالوں سے اسٹے پر ہے لیکن دلچسپی کسے ہے؟؟ شیخ وقاص اکرم نے جو کہا اسکی سخت الفاظ میں مذمت ہونی چاہیے
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