Did President Joe Biden punish you by not calling? | PM Imran Khan Reply


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this was very hard for Khan, Khan was clueless about what to say about this humiliation. this is 2nd insult by western media. The first one was absolutely not.


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Typical white colonizers mass murdering invaders, defeat in Afghanistan is diverted to women's RIGHT?

Abu Ghareeb prison rapes of Arab Muslims women's and children? You sanctimonious silly smelly C#nt..
No more west in Islamic lands, especially that bastard xhild of Satan, ISRAHELL..The occupied Palestine.


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Stupid anchor... using word PUNISHMENT... A lost and defeated country USA president is NOT even able to satisfy his own people... this arrogant bitch per lakh laanat. He is not calling but his whole govt is licking the feet of IK and Bajwa


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She Punished & humiliated to Borum PM more than Biden. Biden tu call Nahi Karr Raha Hai , she was humiliating & insulting on face to Borum.
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