Dejected Mumtaz Bhutto may leave "unfaithful" Nawaz


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KARACHI: With brotherly ties turning a bit sour, seasoned politician Mumtaz Bhutto is likely to end his pre-election union with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party sooner than anyone had expected and revive his Sindh National Front.

Bhutto had announced the merger of his party with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on May 9 last year. One and a half years later, the former Sindh chief minister is not so sure about continuing the relationship with the PML-N as his aides argue that Sharif has not remained true to the commitments set at the party’s convention in Ratodero.

Allah Warayo Soomro, senior vice president of the defunct SNF, has also written a letter to Bhutto asking him to convene a meeting of the party’s central executive committee to discuss the future course of action. Bhutto had joined hands with Sharif on the condition that he would represent the PML-N in Sindh.

However, his party’s leaders and activists believe that Sharif has gone back on his word after assuming power.In his letter, Soomro has conveyed the reservations of his colleagues to Bhutto - the foremost of them being that the PML-N chief has entered into an alliance with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement.

But Bhutto has asked his party leaders and activists to “wait and see” for now. When the dust settles, then he will announce the party’s next move.An insider told The News that pressured by his loyalists, Bhutto is likely to revive the SNF.

Bhutto and Sharif had also agreed to hold Asif Ali Zardari and his team accountable.But Zardari’s ceremonial departure from the President House stunned Bhutto and his supporters.

The Butto-Sharif pact also included provincial autonomy and reviewing the formula of distributing resources among the provinces. But Sharif has failed to stick to his word in those areas as well.

Bhutto’s party wants a confederation wherein all provinces are semi-independent. It believes that the provincial autonomy in its present form inPakistan, provided in accordance with the Government of India Act of 1935, was actually meant for the provinces of colonial India, not for the provinces of a free and independent Pakistan. The party maintains that the 1940 Lahore Resolution was in favour of a confederation.
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ان سب موٹے توند اور عقل والوں کو سلام کہ ھم جیسے لوگ جو نواز شریف اور دوسرے "شریفوں" کو کھبی ملے بھی نہیں لیکن یہ جانتے ھیں کہ یہ سب کے سب "شریف" ایک نمبر کے جھوٹے اور بدمعاش ھیں۔ انہوں نے کھبی بھی اپنے سیاسی حلیفوں اور عوام سے کیے ھوئے وعدے پورے نہیں کیے اور نہ آئندہ یہ روایت تھوڑینگے تو یہ بڑے بڑے سیاسی پنڈت کیوں دھوکہ کھا جاتے ھیں؟
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But the ground reality is different , there is no such fuss going on to leave pmln .
most of SNF people wants to bring back mumtaz bhutto to revive the party.
the repoter is another guy and muktaz bhuttos media cell incharge is another so its just fuss messy people confusing the leadership and creating misunderstandings ,


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Allah nay 2 Makar aur Jootay peda keya hain :::: 1) Shaytan :::: 2) Nawaz aur Shahbaz & Family


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These Sindhi nationalists could not add upto more than three provincial seats and yet Mumtaz Bhutto is back to his old rhetorical demands. People's party has eliminated these remnants of GM Sayyed once and for all from the Sindhi politics by cleverly capitalizing on the ethnic slogans on one hand and by portraying itself as a federal party on the other hand. The efforts to make an alliance of all sindhi nationalists , who were grossly divided despite their bad shape in politics , against PPP did not work well. Even Ghous Ali shah , who was mentoring these people , could not win his own seat. Instead of shooting through PML-'sgun , the Sindhi nationalists should actualize themselves in Sindhi politics to make their dreams true.


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Main PML N k khilaaf hoo magar,,, Gous ali shah aur Mumtaz Bhutto ne PML N ko aik b seat jeet ker nahi de,, to in logo ko kis khushi main President ya Governor Sindh banaya jaey? aur jo party k pooranay workers hein un ko side line ker dia jaey,,,
Mamnoon Hussain aur Salim Zia aik arse se PML N mein hein,, aur main in dono afraad ko janta hoo kiun k kabhi main b PML N main hota tha aur apney area ka president tha youth wing ka,, bohat se log mushkil waqt main PML N ko chor gay, magar ye dono afraad apni party se mukhlis rahey,, Governor banana hai to salim zia ya Nihal hashmi ko banaya jaey,, main aik saisai worker honay k natay insaaf ke baat ker raha hoo,,