Deen-o-Danish - 2nd May 2010 - Our Real Hero: Muhammad Bin Qasim or Raja Daher?

Bret Hawk

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This has been a complete mockery of the academic credentials of this (Dangar) Dr Mubarik Ali and I wonder how come the bigots like him can claim the highly prestigious degrees of Doctorate from their Alma Mater. If he’s very much concerned about the authenticity of the historical events mentioned in Chach Nama then who’s impeding him to rewrite the history of this region of Sindh? Such a diabolical reasoning and fickle dialectics he expressed in this program that it almost made me to puke on his senseless and rubbish verbosity. It’s very funny to see such iterant liars to applaud the objectivity in narrating the historical accounts but knowingly use to have selective amnesia when it comes to express those shades of a history which contradicts with their predetermined stances and opinions. This so called ignorant and misleading Dr failed to mention those fundamental points which seems to had resulted in the downfall of his “National Hero” Raja Dahir, who also involved in the “Holy” practise of an incest, in 711-12 C.E at the hands of Muhammad Bin Qasim;

  • Where were those communities of Jats, Meds and Buddhists who were the constituent part of his dominion when the imperialist Arabs (According to this Dr’s notion) attacked his motherland?
  • Was it not true that the large number of defections of local oppressed tribes from Dahir’s forces to the army of Muhammad Bin Qasim is considered as one of the main reasons of Raja’s embarrassing defeat and the likes of this template of operation later proved to be repeated in later conquests of other Muslim raiders of this whole sub-continent?
  • Was the ruling elite of Brahmins (Raja was also a Brahmin incumbent at the time of Arab’s assaults) not to blame of their downfall for creating a reign of oppression and tyranny against their subdued subjects and which later proved as a vital catalyst for their downfall at the hands of Muslim rulers?
  • After the eventual end of Muhammad Bin Qasim’s brief rule of this region in about 2-3 years time why not the converted masses of Sindh revert back to the faiths of their ancestors? Like it happened in Spain after the fall of Grenada in 1492 which resulted in a highly chaotic Spanish inquisition?

Regardless of the above points which I’ve raised (And surely more points can also be raised here) fact remains intact that no doubt The Umayyads were the forces of Arab imperialism but we have to admire their loyalty towards the faith of Islam which they never revoked during the term of their rule in vast regions of Asia and Africa. With that positive development of incursive strikes and occupation of these lands of Indus Valley, as beautifully mentioned by Oriya Maqbool Jan, the hoards of Muslim Sufi saints and mystics from the Arab and central Asian states used to visit and settle here to spread the message of Islam to the local populace and which made the foundation for the Muslim state in this region, which was admired by many secularist leaders of the subcontinent including the legendary Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


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Agreed to brother bret hawk.. next time they will start saying about islam spread by sword.. so according to that naive dr we will have gandhi, nehru, shev sina as our heroes..