Day of Jugment, Qyamat ka manzar in few Verse of quran> Must watch.


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I believe it will come, i believe it will happen, I believe those who do not pay heed and act as tyrants, kill innocent humans, hoard wealth/food by trickery, badmouth others for one second glory in life,and those who have been given opportunity to lead and yet lie, cheat and steel should see this and give serious thoughts, time is running out, but still they can repent and ask for forgiveness as Allah S.W,.T. is all forgiving.


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What ever we do in this life account for nothing unless we believe that for what ever we do, we will held accountable. But unfortunately, we are subject to accountability whether we believe or not. So its better to believe in it, this will change the whole view point towards the way we spend our life. This will make a person, a better person.


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Ay Allah Youm Akhrat hum say Rehmat ka mamla karein Insaf ka Mamla hum say mut karein. . . . . .


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