Daniyal Aziz-PMLN Showman


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Pakistani men are one of the worst bullies on the planet. This by Laws of Nature makes them the weakest as well-despite their tall claims.

Bullies are by defination anyone who assaults (physically , verbally, emotionally) weaker individuals. They ONLY do this when they know they have the backing of others to protect them.

Pak men are notorious for abusing their women & children on daily basis. Government police is the same. They will Never taken on any one stronger.

I can see that Daniyal Aziz(The Cockroach) is the same. His walk & talk speak of being a bully.

I am a doctor and know what will work for him. The bullies need their own medicine to sort them out-SO a good kicking will usually solve his psychological mindset.
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yeh kuttttttta he lykin masla yeh he keh...........logou ko confuse kar raha he............joot pe joot sirf is liye ke logou ko confuse kiya ja sake


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دانیال عزیز انگریز عورت کا بیٹا ہے ۔۔ اور یہ اس پر تنقید کر نے کے لیے نہیں صرف معلومات دینے کے لیے بتایا ہے۔


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دانیال عزیر خود کینسر کا مریض رها هے الله اس کو هدایت دے