Danish Kaneria Pranked :P


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Although he didn't realized that they are playing prank on him ... but never lost this cool nor seemed under pressure even for a sec... All the best DANISH.


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
bad taste... pethetic humour and useless actor. Seriously unfunny. Kind of the unfunny azfar/manni/waqar type homour. Out of the millions of things they could have done the genius thought of the sloppiest give my money idea. As if Danish would fall for it.

If any of you has seen 'Just for Laugh Gags'. They do hundreds of very creative candid camera jokes. Watch the ones that Ashton Kutcher does for MTV where the victim seriously falls for the prank as well.

Maybe if it was done in Lahore, it might have been funnier :D
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