Crooked Qazi Essa must be removed to preserve sovereignty of 'Justice.'

Saladin A

Minister (2k+ posts)
Crooked, dishonest, corrupt, selfish, ambitious, arrogant, biased, prejudiced, vindictive, belligerent, inept, professionally incompetent and self-possessed CJP Justice Qazi Faez Essa should be removed from his office. He has lost the trust and confidence of 220 million patriotic Pakistanis who support PM Imran Khan and find him highly biased, prejudiced and vengeful against him and PTI supporters. The 'live' transmissions of the Supreme Court's proceedings have further exposed Justice Faez Essa's dishonesty, partiality and duplicity in rendering equal and fair justice to every citizen of the country.

He is polluting, staining and demonising the integrity and dignity of Pakistan's Constitution, the respect for the rule of law, democracy, freedom of expression, human rights, voting rights of the electorate and civil liberties of the citizens of Pakistan. He is talked about as the judge who was installed by the fascist military junta ruling Pakistan by proxy and Form 47 'mandate choor' PDM government mafia dons, thugs, crooks, rascals and looters of state coffers.