Cricketism in Indian Politics


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Cricketism in Indian Politics(clap)

Cricket is a fake sport, supported by politicians and bureaucrats for their own benefits. In a way as to promote the usual "give and take" policy of cricketism, the English boys in the Test-2 bated first as per Indian decision and began throwing away their bats one after another as if they were in a completion for that and none was allowed to make 100 plus. Only one E-cricketer somehow manged or was allowed to cross 50 plus after 7 wickets. English bowlers plays offered 100 plus to their favorite Bangalore Dravid and a couple of 50 plus. Sachin Tendulakar, as usual in UK, returned to pavilion quickly without any "form" and without any support from the Eng-bowlers. India perhaps thought they could make some 500 plus but was, however, was not allowed to reach even 300 plus. English bowlers were slow at "job" and let Indians enjoy with bat until UK favorite Dravid reached 100 plus but after then attacked the Indian batboys in quick succession, including Dravid himself. ( Will Dravid also be allowed to fix his wax figure at London Museum?)

In the second innings, Englsh boy Cook as usual fell early and he does not know why he is in the squad. Possibly English boys will take the test-2 as well.

But here the issue here is entirely different. :lol:

Today the cricket mafias and lobbyists are very powerful and try to impose their will on the regime to do do "more" on extra cash and awards, including nation's prestigious Padma awards, especially Pharatratnam for cricketers. The situation has become so alarming that cricketers, other entertainers and sport people openly canvas for Pharatratna award for one of most pampered cricketers who manged 100 plus thanks of Indian mafias and lobbyists and corporate money and influence, thereby exposing the heinous underworld trend in award decision processes in India.

There is a close nexus between cricketism and politics in India where the "performance" of cricketer is directly linked to the political and governmental changes. The political turmoil in Indian state of Karnataka, one of the most corrupt states of Indian democracy ( although corrupt Tamil Nadu's ousted - but freely roaming - CM Karunanidhi was instrumental in institutionalizing corruption in the country with an open tag attached of reach and every services and job, etc) is a case in point here. Bangalore's Yedirudrappa the chief minister of Karnataka has a continuous claim to power on the strength of Rahul Dravid ( not Rahul Gandhi) from Bangalore has been "shining" in London. But Sonia Gandhi's Congress party could also claim "victory" because of "Rahul" has made 100 plus, but both are hiding the hot truth that it is England which is kind especially to Dravid and it is basically UK record. Congress has another trump card here- Yuvraj who also stands for "young Rahul".

Bangalore's Yedirudrappa, a reliable associate of Reddy brothers from Andra Pradesh who by illegally mining Karnataka, have become ministers in Yedirudrappa's first ever fanatic Hindutva BJP ministry in the state.

In order to prove that Indian politics is closely linked d to critcketism, Bangalore's Yedirudrappa, forced by his insulted party, has said he would resign today at 3-30 pm, when Test series begins in London.

What exactly will happen is immaterial to us as much as to the people at large, after all we do not decide these "big matters". ;)


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