Crazy racist woman in Leicester wants Asians to get out of 'her country'


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and why didnt you stayed in ur country before insted of capturing india 200 years ago ? now let us also enjoy in ur country for 200 years.


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Yes kick out Mirpuris and labour class backwards kashmiris bring some educated skill class from Pakistan and India

It would be a bit racist against our own people but sadly...most of our kashmiri and mirpuri people have been living here fr generations but they dont even know how to thank you how to say sorry if you give them way they think it was their right so i kinda agree to the post...yet...good and bad people are in every race community. Unfortunately if you go to places like bradford manchester bolton will also agree to this statement.


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Anyone can be racist even asian and black people have racist amongst their ranks.In a host country migrants are supposed to respect local people and their laws.Unfortunately in britain thats not the case at times.Some asian people can be very crime prone in britain.I have heard mirpuris are the most hated community in britain even other pakistanis dont like them and consider them backward since nearly all of them came from vilages from back there.


yeh aurat nashe me hai aur somali use provoke kar raha hai .

inse bare crazy jehadi mulla hai , jo kafiro ko jahannum ki sair par bhejne ki dhamki dete hai ?