coup d’état


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In the last 75 years, there have been many coups in Pakistan, of course, all in the name of preserving democracy. This a mantra that military Generals take out from their army textbooks and thurst on the people. And then after a decade of lies, they leave.

That is not going to happen anymore. Anyone who is involved in the regime change is a war criminal and must be treated as such until he goes under.

These criminals can stay in power, and 25 crore people of Pakistan migrate to other countries, or they leave, along with their families.

Haven't they seen a trailer of the man who promoted most of these sitting Generals? He is not going to find peace in this world, or hereafter, inshallah.

These Generals can't stage incidents like May 9 and cry about burning a house and claiming after 75 years of its occupation that it is a national heritage. Damn it, don't give this crap. If it was a national heritage then why it didn't occur to you 75 years ago?

And don't play military court roulette. How about a trial in civilian courts of all those who were involved in the regime change, abductions, kidnapping, disappearance, trampling over the civil rights of the people, etc?

In 1971, you were the architect of destroying Pakistan. You are a fool if you think you can do that again.

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