Corruption runs amok among Pakistani Army Generals


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The recent leak of data from Credit Suisse, an investment banking firm registered in Switzerland which implicated the ex-ISI chief, General Akhtar Abdur Rahman Khan, has again brought to light the extent to which greed and corruption run amok in the Pakistan Army, especially among its Generals, a report said on Friday.
General Rahman had reportedly helped funnel billions of dollars in cash and other aid from the United States and other countries to the mujahedeen in Afghanistan to support their fight against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.
These leaked documents only touch the tip of the iceberg as far as how much the top Generals of the Pakistan Army skimmed in the name of the Holy War against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, The Times of Israel said.
The report asserted that the motto of the Pakistan Army officers seems to be 'Greed is Good'. There are innumerable scandals and sordid stories of the financial bungling, bribery, extortion, influence peddling by serving and retired generals for personal profit. There a ..
In fact, in the 1990s, then Army Chief Aslam Beg and ISI Chief Asad Durr proposed to start their own narcotics business to fund the 'jihad' against India and in Afghanistan, as also other parts of the world, the report said, citing a Washington Post article.
It is suspected that many Pakistani generals and bureaucrats have had secret Swiss Bank accounts with some of these accounts getting closed later ..
The report enlists several examples of scandals and corrupt deals that the Pakistani Generals have been involved in over the past few years, including running extortion networks and protecting and partaking in smuggling networks in Balochistan, leasing out government properties at extremely low prices and even taking bribes in defence deals.
The corruption reaches the highest levels of the army with former Army Chief General Ashfaq Kiyani's brothers involved in a multi-billion rupee housing scandal in Islamabad.
A Quetta Corps Commander Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa gained notoriety as "General Papa Jones" or "General Pizza" after an expose of how his family had invested tens of millions of dollars in the Papa Jones Pizza chain in the US and his sons were given lucrative contracts when this General was serving as the head of the ..


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True. Has been happening for decades. Ise liay tuu power nahin jsnay dee rahay. Mulk jaye bhar main. Inn kay muu ko haram laga hay. They are entitled and untouchables. Courts inn ke dalee hain. IK nay inhain challange kia hay hence they want him gone bake kise main dum nahin
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