Continuation of Bajwai Policies | No Change So Far


MPA (400+ posts)
pakistan needs a mb 2.0, not directly connected with pti just ideologically aligned. the calculus for judges need to change, video nikalwani hai kay bhaija.

Citizen X

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its clear that those at the top think they are demigods (Astagfirullah). If they want to be Pharaohs and Nimrod then get ready for the punishment too.
Right said bro. If they want to act like pharaohs then they should also be ready to receive the same kind of punishment.

Citizen X

President (40k+ posts)
mukti bhani.
Well that was right out of left field. And I disagree. Majority of the country is now with Imran Khan, and as long as matters are under control and can be solved without resorting to violence they will be, specially keeping in mind not giving ghafooras any excuse to bring another martial law.

But if things get so out of hand, then even Khan won't be able to stop them.

Right now its a waiting game. worst case scenario we will have to stick out until the end of this term, another 6 7 months. And to be honest that will go in Khan's favour, but unfortunately not so much in the country's.
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