Comparison of wellcome of Shah pehlavi and Hassan Rouhani in Pakistan


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When Shah of Iran visited Pakistan, people would line Murree Road and wave to the motorcade, such was the relationship between Pakistan and Iran. Two of the best building near Murree Road were part of Iranian diplomatic corp . One used to serve as Embassy or centre which ever and used to have illuminated figures of Shah pehlavi and Shabano on every birthday , the other was the ambassador's residence . This private residence was once the most imposing building on Murree Road and still exists by name of Al-sadaf in C block . The iranian ambassador was later made head of Iranian secret service. In schools boys would wear batches of Mao Tse tung and Shah Iran as embassies apparently had many of these. The august 14 and Pakistani emblems in schools type batches were introduced much later by Zia ul Haq .

Today when Iranian president came , who would know ??? May be a few shias get excited or a tense meeting with pakistani official side was shown on TV . He has to charm afresh but with killing sunnis in syria and Iraq he is not popular here , many will not know his name even .

Iranian nation has fallen from grace on world stage after Khomeni , it is despised in Sunni world as too much consumed with sectarianism .

Already Rouhani's visit was timed to accommodate him as chief guest on 23rd March militayr parade but offcourse that was stupid and then a RAW agent was caught recently operating from Chabahar base in Iran to create trouble in Baluchistan , this is good enough to muddle things and indians acknowledged his being a military man to muddle things more.

The problem with Shah was he was too westernized and with khamenei and all Mullah leaders that they are too primitive and by our standards subeducated people with narrow view of life and dangerous for Ummah if not outrightly removable .