CM Punjab k orders per Police ki phurtian


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This is their speciality.. They are phd in proper utilization of patwaris and thanedaar and they proved that in many jalsas and issues like Doctors protest etc


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Punjab me doctors ne 16 din se jo drama lagaya howa hai us pe agar CMne finally order de hi diya to bara masla hai

aur yeh jo karachi me sirf ek protest bardasht nahi howa whaat about this

matlab agar army samjhy k ye punjab govt. ki nakami hai aaur 12 oct ki tarha gan*jon ko phainti lagaye to ye theek ho gaa??

ab mujhy samajh aa hi gayee k fauji siasatdano ko pakar ker kion marty hain ... bcuz siasatdaaan faujion se baRay dictator bantay hain power k saath .. aur jitna paisa punjab govt ne media ko ads main dia tha .. media ne to dikhana hi tha qatil doctors ko ..


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Bloody Morons.

Leave Pakistan and Pakistanis alone. Stop using and abusing your powers. Stop using Police, Prosecutors and investigative agencies for your own benefits and purposes.

We need Justice, the true Justice not lies and manipulations.
Down with PMLN, the "choors party".


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[h=6]If so called Khadam e Ala has so much care for humanity ,he should announce free medical facilities;emergencies;ots;icu cares for the poor people of punjab in his so called Trust hospitals ITIFAQ and Sharif Medical Complex Riwind.Instead he is prolonging strike to divert pt to his hospitals and earning millions daily. the noora paid supporters are shameless :angry_smile:[/h]


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When we oppose strike of doctors .. it doesn't mean we support any politician.. All parties ruling our country for last 60 years are corrupt and incapable...

Doctors are wrong in their strike and in their demands as well.

For one extra year of education they are demanding so much salary and perks that even professionals with higher qualification than doctors and 15 years experience are not getting...

Ninty nine percent people are against them.. even most of the doctors are against them but due to harassment of these doctors on strike ..they can't continue their work.. especially most of female doctors are against them..
Even the families of doctors on strike are against them...

Umar Ali

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Its not one extra year of education, its 17 years of quality education. We dont pass the examinations but we top the examinations... But again, its not about salary, its about service structure.....