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I have raised this point in my yet to be published article. These changes sought by PPP to save Raja would be thrown out.

CJ is stating, what would happen if the constitution is changed by PPP.



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The constitution is above all individuals, groups and institutions that is why they must abide by it. However it will take time before nation realises it. It is all due to lack of education and proper debate in the society regarding the role of constitution and people and institutions.

The parliament has the right to form laws according to the framework set out in the constitution and likewise the apex court has the right to interpret the constitution objectively for its proper implementation by the state institutions and their personnel. Each institution and individual therefore must understand the constitution properly so that it could be implemented properly.


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CJ should also look into the corruption of Lahore High Court judges who are favoring Munaf---e-Aala just for their own petty interests as evident from the judgement in case of YDA vs Punjab Government

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Minister of Information Qamar Zaman Kaira has contested the humble and established opinion of hon'ble CJ. He maintains that Parliament is still above SC as it makes constitution and PPP continues to lobby for introducing a new law, clipping the wings of judiciary. Not that PPP does not know whats right and wrong. Their utmost effort is to fuel the flames by one dispute or another to borrow time and drag on the actual issues because they have simply no agenda except plunder.

PPP's dilema is that it does not like any discipline or checks on governance of all sorts and its political idelogy is based on 'hay jamalo" alone. Its childish approach in making marries has brought it dangerously close to high voltage lines many times and has 2 leaders electricuted already. Since the hooliganism is the popular face of the party, a poor worker has chance to satisfy soul in destruction and violation in environment overloaded with dictatorial norms. PPP has turned to use workers as "human shield" against dissent and threats to its roller coaster ride.

To cover every folly PPP leadership quotes "people" as the final judge and for PPP that means unlimited rights to do whatever through a hostage parliament. In civilized societies, when state faces such approach like Hitler and Mussolini, national security apparatus has resposibility to block attempts made to destabilize the country. With economy in shatters, national resources drained, institutions shaken and rule of law brushed aside as necessity and parliament ready to go to any length in defiance of established standards of logic and reason, Pakistan has fast moved towards Somalia model but Pakistan's security apparatus has prefered to stand by democracy. US, naturally thankful to Army for its unprecedented role, has agreed to pay 1.2 billion dollars for Army after reopening of NATO supply. "democacy is the best revenge" slogan by Zardari is very well adopted by Army too.
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This CJ is similar to Hazrat Umer(Nauzibillah),only difference Hazrat Umer Punished his son vigouresly and our CJ with one close eye allowed his son to escape from SC ,to bargain with Rehman Malik and got Balochistan house for residence and 42 mobiles to escort him to take a cup of coffee in Islamabad heart,his supporters says Allah is saving this CJ.Allah Pakistan pe raham Karey,
Those who were writting long threads in this forum now united to support corruption saying uss Masoom ko Phansa Diya?


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Its look like typical Jang-group reporting. . . . .American Superior court in fact rejected the petition against Obama's Bill. The sub heading is more like what American Superior court said but jang group twisted it . . . . . Shame on such kind of journalism . . . .
Yes American Court Fully endorsed executive authority to do ammendments what deemed in favour of public.Dandi mar Adliya ka Fate ziada din tak nahi hay.Kab tak iss Qaum ko Ullo Banao ge,waisey ullu tu hain.