CIA Confidential: Pakistan Undercover


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PAKISTANI FORCES ROCKS:rule: It is very much clear even if any one goes in history of pakistan will know that usa have always created hurdles for pakistan and tried to destabilise it through different propaganda fake dramas blame games indulging it in fake bloody war against terror supported by bush Jewish lobbies enjoying in USA like they did after 911 trade centers collapse to invade afghanistan, iraq capture there resources OIL,poppy kill their babies and deploy their army when they deploy army they never go back or go out like parasites now its India russia Pakistan china to kick out this termite from the region else it will spread its poison every where what they always did its universal rule of Israel and USA forces first let their enemies fight with each other when they get weak attack them its true Asama former cia agent al Qaeda helped no 1 else more then USA Israel helped lot Israelis Americans to full fill their missions dirty desires to invade free states and hold their assets to provide environment for attack as in past mujaheddin did in Russian war to break Russia into pieces with help of USA in Afghanistan now same people r called Taliban terrorists trained and sent into pakistan in real thalib is so poor cant eat 1 time how he fight keep so expensive guns and live happy in doing this all as dollars have power to do any thing even got power to drive world media in its own way media to real war finding and making their way smooth for their dirty desires why they burnt 92 tapes why they hiding reality of 911 and many things related to it why they suporting israel since long against all arab countries Germany did world war USA doing it slowly with changing strategies 1by1 to make their target depends who make it first to break their back bone - war against muslims only instability in Muslim countries not in any other non Muslim states LOVE ALL PEACEFUL LEADERS COUNTRIES AND THEIR PEOPLE GOD SAVE THIS WORLD FROM ALL SUCH EVILS:crazy:
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دعا ہے اللہ مسلمان حکمرانوں کی آنکھیں کھول دے امریکہ سب مسلمانوں کا دشمن ہے اللہ سب مسلمانوں کو امریکہ شیطان کی چالوں سے محفوظ رکھے
سب سے گزارش ہے ان ویڈیوز کو دوبارہ دیکھیں اور سمجنے کی کوشش کریں، اس بہت اہم تھریڈ پر بہت کم کوممنٹس اہے ہیں
تین سعودی شہزادوں اور ایک پاکستانی ائرچیف کی پراسرار موت !!!!!!!



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Bro Biomat,

I Disagree with the way we are analysing these videos.......

My analysis is:

a) BRAIN WASH PUBLIC: The JEWISH control media is continuously trying to brain wash public around the world that ...THERE ARE NO 'BEHIND THE SCENE FORCES' WHICH ARE MAINLY RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11 INCIDENT.

b) RISING PAKISTANI PEOPLE AGAINST PAK ARMY: Although Army participated in CIA operations hand to hand.....which of course people of pakistan never liked. Looking at the current situation (where there is a halt in cooperation), they are reminding us what our Army did. Which indirectly rising more anger or negative sentiments against the Army....

c) Sentiments against Saudi and Muslim World: Videos being continuously focused on Pakistan and Saudi-Arab, these movies are rising sentiments of western & american public against Muslim world.

Since Israel time to rule the world is coming near....The Jewish controlled media is now going to use these sentiments against muslim world in the form non-cooperation with Muslims when Israel starts waging wars on Arab world.

It is also serving as a purpose to break a relationships (which although not in favour of Muslim Ummah but at least protecting Saudi Arabia) b/w Saudi and American governments, so that in case when Israel attacks Arab world, Americans (who have been negatively brain washed) shall stay behind.

AS A WHOLE PART OF THE GAME US WILL BE WEAKER AND WEAKER and the Time will come for the Israel to replace US as the ruling state in the world.



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B/w that we know pakistan govt. And army and saudi govt. Played extremely negative role in the past, but i believe this is now the time to strngthen government and armies.... (i mean here institutions not any particular personality)....

All fake and nation seller personalities must be overpowered .... But in b/w we shall make sure that we not destroy our own institutions......

The results of libya and tunisia and egypt are there to see.....


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western media (including natgeotv) is run by zionists jews, everything they have to say about anything islam will always be negative, derisive and dividing

there is nothing in that video worthy of commenting on, other than to state the obvious in that it is merely a poorly constructed apparatus of propaganda