Chilean police detain Pakistani in US Embassy


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By FEDERICO QUILODRAN, Associated Press Writer Federico Quilodran, Associated Press Writer 25 mins ago
SANTIAGO, Chile A Pakistani man detained with traces of explosives inside the U.S. Embassy in Santiago was in preventive custody Tuesday pending an investigation.
Embassy detectors were set off by traces of bomb-making substances when Mohammed Saif Ur Rehman went in for an interview, said Mario Schilling, a spokesman for the prosecutor in the case.
Schilling did not elaborate on what kind of explosives were involved or say whether Rehman, 28, was suspected of any criminal activity.
U.S. Ambassador Paul Simon told Chile's radio Cooperativa that it doesn't seem to have been an attack.
"It was just traces and they were detected during the interview," Simon said, referring further questions to police.
In Washington, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the suspect already held a U.S. visa, and had been invited to the Embassy "to clarify the information we had on him." Crowley declined to say more about that information.
Crowley said that while Rehman was turned over to Chilean authorities, the U.S. would participate in Chile's investigation.
After Rehman's detention, investigators in white hazardous-materials suits searched his apartment in a student residence in downtown Santiago.
Chile planned to ask for Rehman's detention to be extended for three days so that police can fully gather any evidence, Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter told Chile's La Tercera newspaper on Tuesday, adding: "We will be relentless in the fight against any form of crime, especially terrorism."
Rehman was being held in preventive custody pending a decision on whether to press charges, Schilling said.
El Mercurio newspaper reported that the explosive substances were found in a bag and on documents and a cellular telephone that Rehman was carrying. Schilling neither confirmed nor denied the report.
The paper also reported that Rehman said he was in Chile legally to study tourism, and had a job at a hotel.
His detention comes only days after Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen, allegedly tried to set off a bomb-laden SUV in New York's Times Square after receiving training from the Taliban in Pakistan.


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This is what happened:

Mr. Muhammad Saif-ur-Rehman Khan has done his A-levels from the prestigious University College in Islamabad (UCI), affiliated with the University of London. Saif had extensively travelled around the world including the United Kingdom and the United States. He had worked in the hospitality industry for a while. He learnt about a Spanish language learning opportunity with a hotel internship in Chile from his college principal who also happened to be the visa counselor at the Chilean embassy in Islamabad. After completing his Spanish language course at eFronteres, he was doing an internship at a hotel in Santiago, Chile.

A few days back Saif while chatting on Skype with his family on Friday 7th May 2010, told his father that a person named “Bill” had called him from the US embassy in Santiago. He had asked him to come to the US embassy for some “identification check-up”.
Sensing that it was strange that he was being called presumably from the US embassy without any reason, he informed an officer at the Pakistani embassy who knew him. Therefore, he called back “Bill” using his cell phone on the number that the call originated from and was informed that he could come to the embassy on Monday at 3:00 pm when he would be off from work at the hotel.

On Monday morning, Saif visited the Institute’s (eFronteres) director, Alejandra Vicencio and related the matter. At 3:00 pm on Monday (local time) Saif went to the US embassy with his educational documents and passport (which already had the 5 years multiple visa stamped).
Since yesterday, his family has been trying to contact him on his mobile/cell phone number but to no avail. Then all of a sudden, this news flash on a local TV channel caught his family’s attention back in Pakistan. They are shocked and extremely worried about his condition and detention. They contacted the Chilean embassy in Islamabad.
Following are the questions which still remain answered in relation to this incident:
Why did a person from the US embassy in Santiago contact Saif while he already had a 5 year valid US visit visa (24 September, 2009 till 22 September, 2014).
In addition, why did “Bill” call Saif from his mobile number, while something of this nature should have come officially from the embassy?​

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After the whole Faisal Shahzad fiasco the recent arrest of Saif ur Rehman is deeply disturbing for the fact that the educated lot is being influenced by the militant propaganda. Such incidents tarnish Pakistan’s image abroad. It is imperative that youth is sensitized regarding baseless militant propaganda.