Chief minister blames bus staff for negligence, orders their arrest


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PESHAWAR / CHARSADDA: While the chief minister (CM) once again called for peace talks with militants after Fridays attack, he ordered the arrests of the bus owner, driver and cleaner for violating rules and carrying more passengers on board than was legally allowed.

In the second attack on innocent citizens in the city in less than a week, at least 20 people died, including three women. The powerful explosion in a passenger coach on Charsadda Road, Peshawar near Gul Bela village also injured 47 others.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led provincial government termed the acts of terrorism witnessed this week an attempt to sabotage the peace process.
CM Pervez Khattak condemned the incident, but put the onus of peace on the federal government. If Islamabad does not take action to curb militancy and restore peace then innocent people will keep dying, he said outside the District Headquarters Hospital, Charsadda.

The federal government has the key to restore peace, not us, stated Khattak, adding seeking peace while continuing operations against militants is like living in a fools paradise.

Until military operations continue against militants, the K-P government will have to keep collecting bodies of victims of terrorist attacks, he reiterated. PTI is of the opinion that military operations should be stopped and issues should be solved through dialogue, he said.

The vehicle was transporting government employees to and from their shifts and the tragic incident occurred because of the negligence of the bus staff, Khattak added.

Several government officials also visited the Lady Reading Hospital. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser expressed his condolences and directed doctors to provide the victims with the best facilities.

Heinous crimes against humanity are being committed by those who do not want peace and want to disrupt the peace process, he said, while speaking to journalists at the hospital. We are in a war-like situation, but the important thing is that we are fighting the wars of others on our land.
Information Minister Shah Farman also visited LRH. Farman expressed concern that this was the second incident of terrorism within a week and has resulted in heavy casualties.
Reiterating the CMs views, Farman said, Such incidents are a planned conspiracy to sabotage efforts being taken to restore peace in the region.

Senior Minister Sikandar Hayat Sherpao echoed the same opinion when he visited victims at District Headquarters Hospital, Charsadda. Speaking to the media after his visit, Sherpao said, The recent wave of terrorism is intended to sabotage the peace process between Taliban and Pakistan even before it begins.

Chief Secretary Muhammad Shehzad Arbab also visited the hospital and directed the administration to remain on red alert and provide all facilities to the injured for their speedy recovery.

On September 9, an all-parties conference (APC) was held in Islamabad during which political parties had mandated a solution to militancy should be sought through dialogue with militants. The K-P government led by PTI fully supported the decision and earlier this week PTI chief Imran Khan also said the Taliban should open an office in Pakistan to facilitate the peace process.

Soon after the APC, however, a series of deadly attacks have been carried out in the province. On September 15, a roadside improvised explosive device targeting army officials in Upper Dir exploded, killing Major General Sanaullah Niazi and Lieutenant Colonel Touseef along with a soldier.

On September 22, two suicide bombers targeted the All Saints Church in Peshawar, killing at least 83 people and injuring nearly 150.


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The provincial govt should make it mendatory to the "Transporters" that they have to check each and every passenger before they board the bus for security reasons that no one is allowed to carry any kind of arms in the bus .This way lots of lives can be saved and let the owners of the bus know that they have to have liability insurance of the passengers and they will be responsible for the loss of lives,it will help a lot.
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is it just a coincidence that last year same place a bus having secretariat employees was targeted, 19 died 44 injured and now this one....19 died more than 40 injured???


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We do have get every day and night in Pakistan a Gosh, a Photo, a Will ,a Place and a Sight lesson. and its carry on but we totally closed ours eyes to get a clean lesson from it.

Our so called beloved Government of nawaz and all his under governments ,just issue a statement through their service men . Shame on them