Chief Justice ko Eid Mubarak


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پی سی او جج ، تیری حرکات ، شرمناک شرمناک
پولیٹکس تیری ہر بات ، شرمناک شرمناک

بند رہتی ہے ایک آنکھ تمہاری
کانا ہے تیرا انصاف، شرمناک شرمناک

جعلی جج اب مانگے عزت
دیکھ ذرا آپنی اوقات ، شرمناک شرمناک

الیکشن دھاندلہ تو نے نہ دیکھا
تینوں لگے سب صاف شفاف ، شرمناک شرمناک

ہم سب پہ کونٹیمپٹ لگاؤ
دن میں دکھا دیں تجھ کو رات ، شرمناک شرمناک

دیکھ ذرا تو مڑ کے پیچھے
جوتوں کی ہے ریڈی برسات ، شرمناک شرمناک

sorry cheap justice sahib
(anybody wants to add stuff, go ahead guys)

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Zulfi Khan

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I am disappointed at the comments of this CJP about "Imran Khan" and he rather threatened
him by mentioning the name of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.



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اسکا نام اب پکا شرمناک ہوگیا ہے قبر تک اب اس کا پیچھا نہیں چھوڑے گا

اگر یہ پاکستانی عوام کے ساتھ مخلص ہوتا تو اپنے ادارے کو مظبوط کرتا
آپکی مشہوری نہ کرتا لیکن خود غرضی بڑی بلا ہوتی ہے
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now I see everybody seems to agree what I have been saying for three years that CJ is a corrupt, chor, and US agent. he has been restored by Americans so he could protect their investments i.e. money spent in installing of Zardari govt.

CJ should be hnaged WITHOUT anytrial

by the way where are those member of siasat jo CJ ka gun gatey they?

Malik Azam

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Pakistan ke wakeelon ko ab apni ghalti ka ehsas ho chuka ho ga.

Kya woh mulk aur insaf ke tahaffaz ke liye ch. Iftekhar ko hatane ke liye tehreek chal sakte hain ?


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Cheap Saheb you started your reinstatement in 2009 by following I am just reminding bcz our people have very short memory
Bongi1)I will reduce the oil price as Govt is charging Carbon Tax you appointed Rana Bhagwan as Chairman on high pay-result 000/0000
Bongi2)I will reduce Sugar price when it went from28 to 40,after your intervention it was record sale at 125 (2009)
Bongi 3) You said I will bring back all illegal money from abroad,money couldnot come but Nawaz& Zardari came with your help.
Aur Bongian Sunaoon Ya Eid ke liye yahi Kafi Hain


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This Cheap was supposed to do suicide on the day when Arsalan and his family News broke or atleast after resigning not to appear before any public events lekin Aisa
Baisharam Chief Justice may not be in any part of world ,if you take Somalia or Rawanda possibly not a magistrate may like him in Zameer Faroshi.


Cheap Justice ney Imran Khan Great pay contempt lga ker apni mout ko awaz di hai. Hum insafians issh dajal ko gallayon main ghaseetain gy.