Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan press conference | 26 July 2018


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یہ الیکشن بھی تو اُسی چور ٹوپی ووڈ فنکار نواز اور زرداری کا بنایا ہوا ہے جس نے اپنے جیسے کرپٹ لوگ چُنے تھے اب اگر ان کی وجہ سے الیکشن پر داغ لگے تو ان سب کو پھانسی چڑھا دو ۔ اس کے پیچھے بھی شریف مافیا اور زرداری مافیا ہی ہو گا

Imran the legend

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It’s fault of pmln. What have they done in 5 years of rule in election reforms? Nothing

same out of date staff
Same out of date chairman
Same out of date I.T system
Same corrupt Punjab police
Same corrupt Sindh police
When in pti done dharna to open 4 areas all mafia top to bottom including corrupt media join together with Pmln

When commission after enquiry 40 irregularities said the election was okay and fair. Now because of delay they saying election is not fair because statues quo parties losing or lost.

Now today all the mafia join together again with media mafia attacking election saying same what pti was saying election commission needs reforming.

Double standards of these corrupt mafia.


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PSP Dolfin Ki Namaz e Janaza Baad Namaz e Zohar Aab Para Mein Ho Gi
Tamam Hazraat Shirkat Karein


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Less than 2 % Voters in the international economic hub of Pakistan turn out to cast vote --------------------------What a Shame
Very Many Polling Stations No Polling Agents
No Voters
No Polling Camps
No Polling Identification Chit Distributed by any Party in Karachi
Shameful Election
It was better to form technocrat Government with best talents of Pakistan
Yaar Pakistan Ka Aur Pakistanion Ka Bahala Hota