Chand Nawab requests compensation from Salman Khan

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KARACHI: Internet sensation Chand Nawab has become quite a celebrity, not just in Pakistan but across the border as well. The TV reporter is now seeking compensation from the makers of Bajrangi Bhaijaan for using a character in their film which was inspired by him.
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Chand is thankful to Salman for considering him worthy enough for a role to be based on him.
The reporter says he is a “poor journalist” and doesn’t want to deal with the legalities but does expect Salman to compensate him for using him as an inspiration.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Chand said, “It’s just a request, I’m not going to sue them or go to court over it. If they decide to give it, then well and good, otherwise it’s not a problem.”
The Pakistani reporter will be going to meet Salman Khan soon and doesn’t know if his request will be met.
“I will be meeting Salman Khan, I cannot disclose when, it’s under discretion, but yes, I will be meeting him and if he decides to compensate me then that will be great.

“This is about Pakistan’s respect, my intention is not to mint money, it’s simply a request,” explained Chand.
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His viral video may have hampered his career as a serious journalist but it has made him a ‘hero’ as Kabir Khan put it.
“This movie could be a new beginning for my career,” Chand told Gulf News.

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btw he lost his job after this video leak so if salman can help him will increase his popularity more


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بس بھی کر دو .اب سارا ملک اس سے پیسے مانگ رہا ہے کوئی عزت کا ہی خیال کر لو اپنی .اس مووی کے حوالے سے پاکستان میں کسی سڑک پر مانگ لو تو اس سے زیادہ مل جائے.


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Sharam aa rahi hai Is Chand Nawab ko aaj Pakistani Kehte huay

Be Ghairat Insan

What you think of your politicians who asked money internationally. What about those mullah's who asked in the name of religion. What about those actors who beg you to go & watch their movie.
In this world from religion to relation, everything revolves around MONEY


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نواب یہ کیسا نواب ہے موبائل ٹارچ سے تھوڑی روشنی تو ڈالو

bus yaar kuch loogon ko izzat raas nahi aati , aur na hi Shohrat raas aati hai , kuch loogon ka deen Imaan sirf aur sirf Paisa hota hai , aur Paisa un k liye Mulk aur izzat se oopar hota hai , Is chand Nawab ne mera Sar Jhuka diya hai , Yeh aik Be ghairat Pakistani hai , Is se to bohut behtar tha ke Amjad Sabri ki tarha Case kar deta , yeh dekho kaise Faqeeron ki tarha keh raha hai ke mujhe Paise de do , Dil chahta hai is ke moon pe kass kass ke tamachay maaron , In jaise bhookay kuttton ki wajha se Puri Qaum Sharam Mehsoos karti hai , Is se ziada be sharmi ki baat aur kia hogi ke yeh keh raha hai ke khud se Paisay Demand nahi karta , bus jo dil kare de do


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What you think of your politicians who asked money internationally. What about those mullah's who asked in the name of religion. What about those actors who beg you to go & watch their movie.
In this world from religion to relation, everything revolves around MONEY

What A Stupid Logic , you are for Sure 1000000 % Mentaly Retard


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Now, Chand Nawab hopes Salman will pay him for Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Pakistani television journalist Chand Nawab is hoping director Kabir Khan and Bollywood star Salman Khan will compensate him for inspiring the character played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the hit film Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

People have said that I should be compensated for inspiring the character of the reporter in the film. I am also hoping I will be compensated, Nawab told Hindustan Times on phone from Karachi on Friday.

Lekin yeh unki marzi hai (But it is up to Salman Khan and Kabir Khan). I am not demanding any compensation, nor will I take any legal action to ensure that they pay me, he said.

If they decide to give the compensation, it is fine. If they dont give it, it wont be a problem.

Nawab, 52, had earlier expressed his happiness at inspiring a character in the film, which features Salman Khan as an Indian who sneaks into Pakistan to reunite a speech-impaired girl with her family. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is faring well at the box office. So far, it has garnered Rs 184.62 crore worldwide.

The journalist with Karachi-based Indus News channel became an unlikely hit on YouTube six years ago after his colleagues posted a video of his flubs as a prank. It was this same video that inspired the character of Chand Nawab, the Pakistani reporter who helps Salman Khan in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Nawab said he was also looking forward to meeting Salman Khan as the star and director Kabir Khan have reportedly expressed a desire to meet him. No date or place have been fixed for the meeting as yet, he said.

Wherever Salman Khan calls me, I will go. If he comes to Pakistan to meet me, he will be my guest. If I have to go to India to meet him, I will be his guest, he said.

I am grateful to Kabir Khan, Salman Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui for the fame that this film has given me, he added.

Thanks to the film, Nawab has received offers to appear in Pakistani television commercials. He is now hoping there will also be offers for advertisements from across the border. If anyone from India approaches me for television commercials, I will definitely do them, he said.

The prank video that brought Nawab to the limelight had at one time affected his standing as a serious journalist. It features a series of flubs he made while recording a P2C or piece-to-camera, the clip that anchors a television report, for a piece about people leaving Karachi to spend Eid holidays with their families in the interiors of Sindh.

Nawab wanted the P2C to feature a train pulling out the railway station behind him, but the flubs made him repeat the same sentence almost 20 times. At other times, he was interrupted by people walking up and down the stairway on which he was standing.

During a recent conversation with Kabir Khan, Nawab had explained why he kept making mistakes during the P2C his wife, who died last year, had asked him to head home quickly and he was in a rush to record the piece. Nawab is also no longer upset about the viral video.



Jhoot hai yah ... Chand Nawab k khilaf phir sazish hai kiu k chand nawab ki audio mai uss ny express say koi aise baat nhi ki pls listen audio tape again ...... Or agar pyse mangy bhi hn to right hai uss ka iss mai begarti kise idea to usi ka coori kia hai na