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What. He said NASA says "Hum chaand koh predict Nahi ker saktay ". When did NASA say that?
Musoof ko kuch pata nahi kya anap shanap chawlien maar rahe hain, phele kheta hai NASA ko nahi pata phir bolta hai ke NASA ko moulviyon ko data dey dena chaiya kyun ke un ko nahi pata ?


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I thought you have sent me a NASA link.
This man lives in the USA but has no eduction. He doesn't even know that halal in English is crescent not crust.
By the way most of the calendars in the west have new moon dates. Jews celebrate Yom Kippor and Christians celebrate Easter on the basis of Luner Calendar. That's why Easter and YomKapor come on a different date every year. But Christians know the date of Easter and jews the date of Yom Kappar decades before it comes because they follow liner calendar based on research.
Coming back to Muslims,how many countries do see a moon to celebrate Eid beside Pakistan and India? Many Muslim countries follow a luner calendar created by scientific research.
Ask yourself a simple question.
NASA is so advanced that it can tell you which parts of the world will be able to see luner eclipse in the next 500 years with accuracy then is it possible that they will not know which part of the world will see rise of the moon every month?
Asking this information to NASA is same as asking a physics professor Newtons laws of motion.
By the way if you want to know with accuracy about moon sightening dates where you live, there is a scientific website.
Take a look.
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Thats what they are doing may have seen the molanas with the telescope, what you think there are doing with it?