Chairman NAB's statement an open proof of collusion (MUK MUKA) between Zardari and Sharifs: Imran Kh


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Islamabad. July 1, 2012. Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan has condemned the obvious collusion/muk muka between the Zardari regime and the house of Sharifs. Referring to a statement of NAB Chairman in which he has said that President Zardari has barred him from reopening Nawaz Sharif cases, Imran Khan said that what more evidence is needed of an underhand deal between Zardari and Nawaz.

According to him, the nation has been seeing this deal unfolding on numerous occasions in the last four years. Nawaz Sharif helped Zardari get elected as President, then both parties formed a coalition government in Punjab. We still remember, said Imran Khan, that whenever Zardari would be in trouble Nawaz Sharif would come to his rescue making the excuse that system has to be saved. On one occasion, Nawaz said that even if the entire PPP deserts Zardari, he would be there to help him. Later on, we saw, said Imran that despite Shahbaz Sharif’s antics, N League and PPP colluded during the Senate elections, then in the bye elections, and now in ensuring that fresh elections are not held till next year. This entire evidence points to a long history of a secret understanding between Zardari and Sharif.

This latest episode, said Chairman PTI, in which the NAB Chief has promised to go easy on Nawaz Sharif surprises no one. In fact he has spilled the entire beans by saying that he has been specifically asked by President Zardari not do so. The problem is, according to Imran, that Sharifs and Zardari may have done Muk Muka but that the NAB Chief has no right to stop proceedings in any case just because Zardari has asked him to. After all, NAB claims to be an independent institution.

Further, said Imran, It is the nation’s money that has been stolen by Zardari and the Sharifs and NAB is duty bound to aggressively pursue all cases in which the country has been robbed. It is also a strange argument that because the elections are near, no further cases would be opened against politicians. In fact, a house cleaning before the elections is most essential, said Imran Khan, and the NAB Chairman is no one to arbitrarily decide that prosecution against looted wealth would be halted.

Chairman PTI said that his party would not tolerate this muk muka between Zardari, Nawaz and NAB. It will pursue this matter right to the end and if NAB still desists from taking the looted wealth cases further, it reserves the right to take up the matter in superior courts.
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Main bhee khaoon tu bhee khaa, Muk Muka Muk Muka
yehi to in ganjoon ki auqat hai loharon ki thori mai ziada parr gaya abb yeh dobara zardari ko apna baap maan laingaay bass inki corruption bachni chahi a abb dobara bara ganjoooo zardari kaa sabb saay bara rakhwala bann karr maidan mai nikley gaa


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This is the reason we can see Young Doctor issue. They have created this issue of young doctors so that people don't think of this deal.