Ch. Nisar's Speech about 60,000 to 70,000 Unverified Votes. Must Watch !!!


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IK referred this speech of Ch. Nisar about 60K to 70K unverifiable votes in each constituency, Watch Yourself and Decide how he knew about it? .

Speech was delivered on 5 December 2013

Must Watch after 3:50 Mints


Hence rigging proved.
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Salman Mughal

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That's why inki phaattii hui hai aur issi waja se inho ne apni khol li magar 4 halkay nahi kholay

Thank you for this post ... No Matter what we stand United with you khan and Insha Allah Innn Nooorroon se hisaaab le ker he chorain ghe


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Ch. Nisar said twice in this speech that he is telling result that 60 to 70 K votes are unverified.

Citizen X

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Yehi to masla hai, koi action nahi hoti, aglay din fir Mr Bean or PM saab ne assembly ke floor pe itna bada jhoot bola. That itself is enough to dismiss the PM.


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Magnetic ink use nahi hui tou culprits kay khilaaf abhi takk action kyun nahi liya geya??? Bcoz G.A.N.J.A.Y khud culprits hain.