Capital Talk - 23rd July 2015 - Kya Imran Khan Ko Qoum Se Muafi Mang Leni Chahye..??


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concentrate on the "short Comings" Wordings of JC
Now every one in Pakistan know even child in the school knows by little chit chat in the house by parents how since the birth of the Nation ,systematically whether it's a politicians ,Armed Forces,corporate giants,law enforcement agencies ,drug mafia,powerful landlords,notorious criminal and even terrorist have directly or indirectly have managed to bought and sold individuals in all the institutions of Pakistan for their unlawful gains hence needs arised for PTI to launched a protest to clean up the system.
Now criminals and culprits don't leave much or visible trace behind to be proven in court of law to be proven guilty or As court of law is bought or sold .
if PMLN thinks they are squeaky clean then they are deceiving themselves.otherwise WHY Pakistan is what is today ? Why Pakistan is not in the rank and files of family of Nations such as Scadinavia , Farance,Germany,UK,Australia,USA,Japan or Even India.
Obviously somewhere something is seriously wrong ,very much wrong.
Shorts coming are everywhere,those video clips by Hamid Meer shown ,ROs are stuffing the ballot papers or one man is repeatly using his thumb impressions time and again, or that woman is putting her finger on her lips for shush Sign when she is stuffing illegal papers in the boxes?
would these ROs not been prosecuted in countries mentioned above? Would they go scot Free?
Would'nt some one on the top would be held reposible?,would be victorious candidate not been put behind the bars?
Imran Khan & PTI is winner to make sure next time Election are atleast like India if not like UK.


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Imran Khan and PTI must be quite and wait for new developments. This is just a JC self created decision to please Noonia group of thuggs and ppp lotara's. Most of the Judges are being retired very soon. Noonia thuggs are the only remedy they have for their retirement bonus. These hand picked judges were installed by Iftakhar KANNA to save his corruption and save corruptions of Noonia thuggs and PPP ghadar. Ch Kanna was sure to get extension but Noonia by passed him to save their ***. Noonia and Ghadary were sure that Ch Kanna will be dangrous for them in future therefore: they let this Nigger go off the play. Charter of democracy so called ( Charter of Dumocracy ) was designed and conspired by the big political traitors Bezameer and Nawaz with the help of RAW, WESt and MOSAD of Israel. Bezameer was the master mind of this conspiracy and luckily she was murdered or Zardari killed her. All agreed to destroy Military, Judiciary and other institutions of Pakistan so that no resistance to face for the destruction of Atomic facilities. Kyani was picked up to facilitate this dirty work therefore; they made him chief and give him extensions. KYANY also double crossed them. PTI BE QUITE and say nothing to media or haters. Plan new strategy to take this case on the streets. All enemies of Pakistan should go no where until justice is done.


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We heard a lot about the word "Organized Rigging" in the recent Inquiry commission report about the rigging in election 2013. It concluded that they did not find any "Organized Rigging" in election. However, the report itself is full of the the things which they described as"irregularities" such as:

1. Massive missing of form 15 from the bags, which is the requisite document to prepare election result

2. Missing of election bags in different constituencies

3. Broken seals of a large numbers of election bags

4. Stuffing of garbage and dirt in the election bags

5. Non availability of voter lists in large number of bags, which is essential to verify, how many votes were polled

Let's see what is defined by the word Organized in English language:




Now can anyone explain that all the above noted so-called irregularities can be carried out without any of the above meanings of "Organized" or it is just happened without the knowledge of concerned quarters?

It is oblivious that all of the above was planned, prepared and controlled to get desired result.

Is there any doubt now that these election were full of "Organized Rigging"

But our blind judiciary can't see these simple things, as they don't want to expose the corrupt Maffias in Judicary (Returning Officers), who were main part and parcel of this massive "Organized Rigging"

Let's continue to expose these elements together and get rid of this corrupt system and strive for the establishment of Dean Islam, which is the only way of survival of mankind. Ameen.
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