Can we call ourselves MUSLIMS ?


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According to the Holy Quran, men go astray in three ways.

- The first is to ignore the guidance of Allah and become slaves of desire.

-The second is to give precedence to family, culture, society, customs and the ways of forefathers over the law of Allah subhan wa taala.

-The third is to ignore the way enunciated by Allah and His Rasool sallallahu alaihai wassalam and follow the ways either of so-called important people of of other civilizations and cultures.

A true Muslim should be free from these three ailments. Only someone who is a slave of none but Allah and a follower of none but His Rasool can be truly called a Muslim. A Muslim sincerely believes that the teaching of Allah and His Rasool is absolute truth, that whatever runs counter to it is false, and that it contains all that is good for man in this world and in the hereafter. A Muslim who has complete faith in these truths will, at every step in his life, look only to Allah and Rasool Allah to guide him and submit to whatever they require. Such a person will never feel troubled in his heart about obeying Allahs commandments, or be concerned if members of his family or his society upbraid him, or if the entire world opposes him. In each case his response will be unequivocal : I am Allahs slave, not yours; I have faith in his Rasool, not in you.


So many Muslims today are all too ready to accept whatever is convenient in Islam but all too quick to change direction when conflict arises between Islam and Kufr. This weakness is found even among some of those claiming to be the greatest champions of Islam. They will shout Islam ! Islam! and sing many songs praising it until their mouths are dry. They will be seen doing some work for Islam. But if they are told, Let us now implement the law of Islam which you are praising so highly, they will at once say, There are some difficulties and obstacles, it is better to leave things as they are for the time being.

What they mean is that Islam is a beautiful toy, to be displayed on a shelf and praised from a distance, but to be strictly avoided if the question is raised of enforcing its laws to govern ourselves, our families and relations and our businesses and the general conduct of our lives. This is the attitude of even some so-called religious people today.

As a result, neither Prayer nor Fasting nor reciting the Quran nor outward adherence to the Shariah is effective.

When the soul departs, what feats can a dead body perform ?


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Mirza sahib u r absolutely right.

If we consider the the three questions of angels in grave, that is enough to become a muslim.
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