Can there be an alternate political model for Pakistan


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لال ٹوپی والی کزابی سرکار کو خلیفہ بنا دو
پھر دیکھو کیسے زرداری کی کرپشن کا ریکارڈ ٹوٹتا ہے


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Iran government officials are more corrupt than our police. Ask someone who have lived in Iran. If Zaid Hamid was born in Iran then he was hanged to death long time ago. This is Pakistan who tolerate mental people like Zaid Hamid who ask army officer to kill elected prime minister.


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bar bar aik hi kaam i can understand you limbo what you are saying in between the lines.
The truth is that you have been launched by you know whom and your efforts to equalise democracy with dictator are perfectly understandable and the wise can see where you are trying to lead people.
You are not giving interview prior to your appointment/launching.It is not as simple.

Sab ki sab firqa wariat, this must be your presentation prior to your launching.
the truth is that if Quaid e azam would have been alive he would have thrown you in the dustbin.

after going through the history of pakistans politics, I am of the firm opinion that this nation needs democracy again and again.Agree that they donot perform like PPP but see how they have been thrown out.Likewise NS will be thrown out and the Establishments interference in Election/polling would be more obvious with time and people would become more wise day by day to cope with it.

Go through the history of Pakistan and see how they planted regimes subservient to there designs ayub khan left ZAB,Yahya left us half of what was original Pakistan,Zia left us NS and parvez Musharraf try to left us TUQ and PMLQ and when it failed he entered into NRO1 and agreed to give power to PPP but without benazir.

It is a blatant truth that establishment ruled this country more than half of its history directly and the other half indirectly.


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Zaid rightfully showing the secularists and Bharat lovers two fingers as always. This is why I love the man!
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