Can Pakistan afford cut on defense budget in present situation?


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Pakistan is caught in a tricky position.

China's military budget is over $250 billion and they are trying to catch up with US

India's miliatry budget is over $70 billion, they have increase to keep up with China

Pakistan is now caught in this rat race to try keep up with India

Pakistan's military spending as a % of total govt spending is almost twice that of India and is also higher than Israel.
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Pakistan need to increase military budget, which was reduce instead of increasing ,
India already did their historical increase in defence spending .
Defence should be no 1 pirrority.

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We need to reduce our military budget. We are under a lot of debt. The total development budget of 22 crore Pakistanis is 700 billions Rs and military budget is 1300 billion Rs. No country can survive with such high military expenses