Call recordings of Qazi Faiz Isa With A PMLN Leader?


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no conent in this video but yes its full of dopamine for dumb fks
چل اوے کنجر تیری دیہاڑی لگ گئی اب کسی اور پوسٹ پر اپنی پین پیش کرو

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konsa sach?
yay sach kay Siddiqu Lulli was deployed in field by Generals and few of them are still in contact with him indirectly hoping their will be a recolution soon and they will become Armh Chief 🤪

fact is even today dumb fks are hoping for a miracle 😜
tu fk fk bara karta ha... Haal yeh ha k didiyan teri headquarter se roz suba 5am nikalti ha or tu raksha le k khara hota ha....
Yahan BC tere bharam e khatam nahi ho rahah. Wah sahib.