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ARY reporting, the SCP has reserved judgement on NRO implementation case on the request of Attorney General.

Attorney General said in the court, PM has requested that case and its verdict to be sent to the Cabinet for implementation.

The Cabinet said it should be sent to the Law Ministry who should sent a summary to the PM according to the constitution.

What the hell is this?
The decision is going to be announced at 3.30

Attorney General wanted to buy sometime, by indicating to the court he is going on holidays.

But I cannot understand the logic of this PPP government. The decision of NRO was made almost 2 years ago. Why they have not consulted the Law Ministry in this period for its implementations?

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saeed khan

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Now the chickens would come home to roost again. This time, very clear decision by SCP, you were given the orders to comply with the orders of SCP. No arguments about getting legal advice or any more delaying tactics.

SCP wasn't very happy or convinced from the arguments given by Attorney General.
Like I wrote above, what kind of joke is it that the Cabinet has decided that the matter should be referred to the Law Minister to give legal advice and directions to the PM?

Did they forget, when Gilani's representative Aitzaz gave this argument first time around, SCP ordered, forget about the previous advice or no advice. We are giving a direct order to write the letter.

I am listening to the corrupt Nazir Naji on Dawn, that the legislation passed yesterday had made the difference in the decision of the SCP.
It pays to keep the harlots of the media on your side.