Bottom Line - 8th September 2013 - MQM Kidnaped and Tortured Ali Chishti


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"Altaf Hussain threatened to break the hands of Journalists and called them Prostitutes" - Asian Human Rights Commission


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Police ko kis nay use keya hai? Of course it is the responsibility of the state to identify the criminal.

Even now people are scared to take the name of the party they suspect?

One thing these jouranlist acn do is keep mentioning the issue in each and every program they host every time,all of them! but I don't think it will happen because they are also a part of the eye wash.

Wajahat Masood was total loss.

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Wah Absar sahib wah! he is ready to blame every other department for not doing rightful but when it comes to taking a stand against "a particular political party" Absar was feeling "threatened and concerned" for his own welfare! wah Absar sahib wah! Meetha meetha acha, karwa karwa thoo thoo!

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Good idea by Umar Cheema to declare violence against journalists as federal crime and this will give the federal government powers to act.

This was going to happen eventually because the journalists have not done their part when innocent citizens were being killed in the last 25 years the journalists were quiet and could not even Name mqm. what goes around comes around!


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noora butt buzdil insaan hai woh MQM saay darr karr hamesha lose motion kaa shikaar ho jaata hai yeh iss buzdill kaa padaishi fault hai


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This anchor is putting the words in his mouth. He is not fair. Also he is praising Zardari. What a shame.